All units assisted under the Housing Choice Voucher Program must meet the Payment Standard requirements.

24 C.F.R. 982.4 defines Payment Standard as the maximum monthly assistance payment for a family assisted in the voucher program (before deducting the total tenant payment made by the family directly).

Payment standards are used in a calculation to determine how much of the rent is paid by the HRA, and how much rent is paid by the family. Payment standards do not determine the rent for a unit.

The landlord's asking rent must be reasonable in relation to rents being charged for comparable unassisted units in the same market. This comparable data is based on Fair Market Rent's (FMR's) not Payment Standards.

FMRs regularly published by HUD, represent the cost to rent a moderately-priced dwelling unit in the local housing market. FMR's can be found here: The Payment Standards effective November 1, 2023, are shown below:

County 0 BR 1BR 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR 5 BR
$727 $816 $1,072 $1,423 $1,427 $1,641
$1,067 $1,073 $1,310 $1,845 $2,223 $2,556
$789 $908 $1,164 $1,483 $1,551 $1,783
$752 $757 $995 $1,402 $1,593 $1,832
$674 $886 $995 $1,402 $1,456 $1,674


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