Northrup Apartments Krueger Realty 507-235-9060
Fairmont Place Krueger Realty 507-235-9060
Fairmont Square Angie Gregory 507-238-1550
Heritage Estates Krueger Realty 507-235-9060
Pheasant Run Lifestyle Management 507-236-2812
Private Property Owner Sylvia Poetter 507-526-3171
Private Property Owner D & A Properties 507-235-8073
Private Property Owner Rob Rettmann 612-221-0349
Private Property Owner Allen Struck 507-236-6471
Southview I Krueger Realty 507-235-9060
Southview II Krueger Realty 507-235-9060
Summit Vue Apartments Krueger Realty 507-235-9060
Bristow Estates LLC Kevin Bristow 507-822-9845
Lake View Apartments Jay Rabbe 507-639-6202
Trimont Square Security Management 507-345-1290
Birch Apartments Jay Rabbe 507-639-6202
J & M Properties Dawn 507-776-2080
Private Property Owner Kevin Goettl 651-500-4720

Shady Oaks Chalsey Rengstorf 507-327-1999
Heidemann Apartments Chuck Zieman 507-934-2107
B & G Property Scott Gross 507-380-2121
Zins Apartments Paul Zins 507-232-3464
Mara Tonka Townhomes Tom Johnson/Lloyd Mgmt. 507-625-5573
Attwood Management Longhouse Investments 507-388-9375
Atwood Property Mgmt.   507-388-9375
Barrie & Timm Properties Gerald Timm 507-934-4773
Belltower Apartments Micah Giersdorf 507-625-4715
Choice Realty Theresa Kopischke 507-345-3090
Colony Apartments Jennifer Fogarty 507-625-4351
Hoover Estates Denise Fritschmann 507-386-1004
JMRD Properties Mary Berg 507-380-6938
Medford Manor Life Style, Inc. 800-676-6505
RiverWay Townhomes Gail Flohrs 507-345-8800
Park Place Apartments Richard Landsteiner 507-420-1579
Private Property Owner Brad Haug 507-382-0689
Private Property Owner Kennedy Jones Riquelme 507-995-3486
Private Property Owner Gene Warner 507-380-4614
Private Property Owner Freedom Homes LLC 817-266-7873
Riverway Townhomes River Center Properties/Gail Flohrs 507-387-7368
Allan Rivers River Center Properties/Gail Flohrs 507-387-7368
Atwood Property Mgmt.   507-388-9375
Bungum Realty John Bungum 507-931-9081
Central Square Apartments Tom Johnson/Lloyd Mgmt. 507-625-5573
Ell-Mar Apartments Tom Johnson/Lloyd Mgmt. 507-625-5573
Fairview Apartments Christine Johnson 507-934-2214
Maplewood Apartments Kelly Miller 507-345-1290
Nicollet Meadows Tom Johnson/Lloyd Mgmt. 507-625-5573
Park Row Crossing Tyler Linde/Lloyd Mgmt 507-625-5573
Pioneer Apartments Life Style, Inc. 800-676-6505
Private Property Owner Randy & Dawn Hoehn 507- 381-9227
Private Property Owner Robert Witty 507-931-1806
Private Property Owner Duban Properties 612-220-5569
Private Property Owner Scott Shekels 612-860-6682
Private Property Owner Clayton Prahl 612-419-2764
Private Property Owner HOM Properties 507-344-1128
Private Property Owner Peter Tanis 952-210-3792
RCJ Properties Ron Johnson 507-931-2125
Skyview Estates Life Style, Inc 800-676-6505
Sunnyvale Apartments Willis Laraway 218-566-1520
Vista View Townhomes Essence Property/Alisha 507-931-2800
Washington Square Life Style, Inc. 800-676-6505

Parkview Apartments Wendell Terlinden 507-381-1889
Private Property Owner Jake/Nancy Seth 507-665-6358
Shamrock Apartments Lifestyle, Inc. 800-676-6505
Rondeau Apartments   612-490-0535
Arneson-Hennies Rental David Hennies 507-964-2256
Gaylord Homes Jesus Mendoza 612-618-7019
Meadowbrook Apartments David Kranz, Mgr 507-317-3666
Private Property Owner Ray/Karen Klenk 507-647-2822
Private Property Owner Ron/Sarah Kirsch 507-237-5339
Sunray Apartments The Living Qtrs LLC/Ashley Domeier, Mgr. 507-354-4725
Green Isle 190 & 200 Ahmad Khian 612-483-3663
C & C Apts (East/West) Shane Nelson 507-720-8282
Sibley Estates East Lloyd Mgmt. 507-479-3846
Country View Apartments Connect Property Mgmt. 507-345-6518
Private Property Owner Ray/Karen Klenk 507-647-2822
Private Property Owner John Woods 507-647-5444
Private Property Owner Tom McDonald 507-276-7000
Sibley Estates West Lloyd Mgmt. 507-479-3846

ARE Properties Security Mgmt 507-345-1290
TC Housing Services Cody Stegman 320-310-8632
Janesville Apartments D & K Properties 507-451-0914
Weimert Properties Jody Weimert 507-327-5066
Halter Gardens Security Mgmt 800-450-7723
Charter Oaks Brad Mondahl 507-461-7454
Greenleaf Properties Life Style, Inc. 800-676-6506
Loon Lake Apartments R. P. Madel Jr. 507-835-2800
Normandy Apartments Van Binsberg & Associates 320-269-6640
Parkview Estates Brad Mondahl 507-461-7454
Private Property Owner Gordon Christensen 952-270-4655
Private Property Owner Blain Nelson 507-835-2260
Private Property Owner Brian Dahnert 621-281-7295
Private Property Owner KBA Holdings/LLC/Brent Brysse 507-3177456
17th Ave Apartments Jim Roemhildt 507-833-2171
Summit Properties Brutgerequities 507-201-3474
Waseca Apartments Oxford Mgmt 507-838-1653
Wend-Don Apartments Life Style, Inc. 800-676-6506

GEM Apartments Security Mgmt. 507-345-1290
Twin Oaks Apartments Security Mgmt. 507-345-1290
Belle Apartments Mayberry Realty 507-375-3171
Colonial Manor Mayberry Realty 507-375-3171
Jamestown Apartments Mayberry Realty 507-375-3171
Somerset Green Mayberry Realty 507-375-3171
Somerset North & South Mayberry Realty 507-375-3171
Village Apartments Mayberry Realty 507-375-3171

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