The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) homeownership option provides the opportunity for low income families to purchase and build equity in a home of their own if they meet certain additional criteria rather than renting.  Only families eligible to receive Section 8 HCV assistance are eligible for the homeownership option.  Families must qualify as “first time home buyers”.  A first time home buyer is generally defined as a family of which no member owned or had ownership interest in a home for a period of three years prior to homeownership assistance.  The family must also meet income, employment and other eligibility standards.  Families must also complete a homeownership counseling program. 

Participating families have the responsibility of finding an eligible unit to purchase and for securing financing.   The homeownership option does not assist with contract for deed or rent to own financing options. 

When a home is selected, the HRA will perform a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection to determine if the home meets the HUD minimum quality housing standards. 

Monthly home expenses include:  mortgage principal and interest, mortgage insurance premiums, real estate taxes and homeownership insurance, HRA allowance for utilities and coop or condo operating charges or maintenance fees.

The HRA uses the Section 8 HCV program payment standards to determine the amount of homeownership subsidy.  Payments can be made to the family or directly to the lender. 

The family must have sufficient monthly gross income to meet homeownership and other family expenses.

To request more information contact the Homeownership Coordinator at the SCMMCHRA office at 507-345-1977 or 1-800-733-9564.


HCV Family Self-Sufficiency
The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program is a work incentive program for participants receiving Section 8 HCV rental assistance. The FSS program coordinator will work with the head of the household to establish a five-year plan that includes employment, education, and training goals. 


Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher
The purpose of the Section 8 HCV program is to provide rental assistance to eligible low income individuals and families according to HUD rules and regulations. The Section 8 HCV programs lessens the burden on the family’s budget for housing costs and allows greater choice in selecting a rental unit.


Rental Assistance Program
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency established the Housing Trust Fund Rental Assistance Program (RAP) to provide affordable housing for low-income persons and families. RAP is a shallow rental subsidy program, providing up to $250/month in rental assistance, for a time period not to exceed 5 years.